If you already know what to study, simply use our course search to find your desired course and explore study options in different universities. If you don’t know what to study, take our personality test and Studysey AI would recommend study choices for you.

Connecting with a course means you have interest in studying for that course. Once you connect with a course, you will automatically be added to that course channel where you will be able to engage with fellow prospective students and you will also see updates about that course on your wall.

For every course you connect with, you would be added to the course channel where you can interact with other prospective students who have connected with that course.

No but Studysey provides all the basic information you need to apply for a course. Studysey agents are also present on channels to provide information and answer questions. However, you may need to visit a university’s website to get all the information you want.

With Studysey, you don’t necessarily need to contact a University directly. You can apply for courses and gain admission without needing to contact a University directly. Most of your enquiries can also be answered on our platform through our staff, Studysey agents, University representatives or your peers. You can ask any question on any of the Channels and you would most likely get a response

If you need to contact a University directly, you need to visit the university’s website and find their ‘Contact’ page.

To apply for a course in a University, click the ‘Apply’ button on the search result page or the course page. You would be directed to fill out an application form after which you would be shown the profiles of a list of verified Studysey agents to choose from who would provide further assistance to you on a one-on-one basis. You may be able to check the status of your application on the University website.

It depends on the type of Visa you are granted. Studysey agents would guide you on this.

Your fee is not likely to be refunded after visa grant, unless there is a serious health issue or family tragedy as a result of which you are unable to join the course. However, some universities might return some part of the deposit paid after visa grant but this depends on their refund policy.

You can stay for 4-6 months in the UK after your course is completed. PHD students can stay for 1 year after their course completion.

You can change your mailing preferences by clicking the unsubscribe link in any Studysey mail you receive.

No, using Studysey does not guarantee admission or visa but it guides you on your study journey and increases the chances of getting admission and securing a study visa.

You will get your confirmation of enrolment once you have accepted the offer letter and made the necessary payments stated on the offer letter. Studysey agents would also provide more guidance on this.

Yes, students can apply for up to two programs in one University application, however some universities also allow you to fill up to three programs choices in one application. Studysey agents would further guide you on this.

This depends on the University you are applying to. Some universities allow you to start the application process about 9 months prior to your program start date.

Application assessment duration depends on the University you are applying to. You can get more information from the University website or from Studysey agents.

UK student visas are awarded on a points-based system but Studysey agents would advise better on this.


Studysey gives you a wider reach and access to thousands of prospective students which may be difficult and very expensive to reach on your own.

Studysey applies a rigorous application process for new agent application. We insist that our agents are of high standards and share the Studysey values. Thorough screening is performed on each agent application which may include reference checks and requiring copies of official business license.

Qualified and Certified Educational agents, who use standard procedures to provide advice, assistance and support to students who wish to study abroad.

Click on the Sign-up Button, select Agent Sign-Up on the Sign-up page then fill up all the fields on that page.

Once we review your application and confirm you as a Studysey agent, we would automatically add you to the channels of the universities you represent.

No, you cannot drop your contact details or advertise your business on the channels. However, you can make yourself noticeable by being active on the channels and responding to enquiries. Prospective students can then decide to contact you.

This feature is reserved for only premium agents. Feel free to upgrade your account and become a premium agent.

Log into your account and from your profile, click on Upgrade to Premium and follow the prompts.

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